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Whether arising through discovery requests, subpoenas, administrative proceedings, or Right-to-Know Law requests, law firms, municipalities, and IT companies frequently need to produce electronically stored information. Without careful planning, these efforts often result in either:

  • an over-collection of data - exposing a client to excessive document review costs and causing their attorneys to write-off blocks of time, or

  • an under-collection of data - forcing duplicative collections activities and risking the imposition of sanctions for incomplete responses


Gathering Mist combines technological expertise with practical, real-world experience to provide predictable, flat-fee based services to its clients. Gathering Mist enhances the services law firms, municipalities, and IT companies can provide by assisting with the technical aspects of eDiscovery so they can get back to serving their own clients' needs.

Headshot of Brandon Harter, Gathering Mist eDiscovery Solutions
Brandon S. Harter, Esq.
Founder and
Managing Member

Brandon practices law with the firm Russell, Krafft & Gruber, LLP, with an emphasis on technology law and eDiscovery issues. Brandon came up with the concept of Gathering Mist to better assist his clients and other Central Pennsylvania law firms in handling eDiscovery.


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