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Services for Law Firms

Want to keep a matter but need help handling the technical aspects of eDiscovery? We’re what you need!

As attorneys, we are expected to have the technological skills to handle electronic information or to seek assistance in doing so:


To maintain the requisite knowledge and skill, a lawyer should keep abreast of changes in the law and its practice, including the benefits and risks associated with relevant technology, engage in continuing study and education and comply with all legal education requirements tow hich the lawyer is subject.

-Comment 8 to ABA Model Rule 1.1


Gathering Mist provides law firms with more than access to its collection and processing services. We provide end-to-end consulting services to guide you through all phases of the eDiscovery process.


Whether you are a novice who needs our help throughout the process or an eDiscovery veteran who prefers to select à la carte from our offerings, Gathering Mist is here to help you serve your clients.

Our solutions include: 

Implementing a Litigation Hold

Preserving all data that may relate to a legal action

Collection of Data

From cell phones, hard drives, email servers and more. Including social media!

Document Review

Providing our clients with access to a cloud-based platform to easily review what we've collected and processed

Development of Discovery Requests

Advising on how to ask for what you need.

Developing a Discovery Plan

Including preparing for a F.R.C.P. 26(a) conference

Processing Data

Culling and de-duplicating your data with targeted keyword and date range searches


Providing guidance on formatting and getting the information out of the review platform


Providing affidavits, reports and testimony to confirm proper techniques were used

Learn more about how we make discovery easier in our blog article:

Making eDiscovery Your Ally, Not Your Enemy.

Or call us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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