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Services for Municipalities


"Unless otherwise provided by law, a public record, legislative record or financial record shall be accessible for inspection and duplication..." --- Pennsylvania Right to Know Law 2008, §701a



The Right-to-Know Law can create an incredible burden on municipalities. While requests for a document or two can be simple, requests for all emails related to a given subject can be overwhelming. You need a way to comply with the law in an easy and cost-effective way. You need Gathering Mist.


Our tools quickly search for and identify the needed records. All we need is a backup of the relevant email accounts or file storage from your IT, and we take care of the rest. Let our computers do the work for you, all at a flat, predictable rate that is far more efficient and cost-effective than taking hours of your staff's time to pull and review documents.

Read more in our blog article: From Bad Press to Success: Complying with PA’s Right-to-Know Law as a Small Municipality


Or call us today for a free, no-obligation quote on your next Right-to-Know Law request!


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