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Frequently Asked Questions

What is data collection?

Data collection is gathering electronic information related to a legal dispute to give it to the other side. We work directly with a data owner or IT provider to copy whatever electronic evidence you need. It’s more than just dragging files onto a thumb drive, though! Unlike old-school attempts at collection, our state-of-the-art tools make sure that your metadata is also preserved.


What is processing?

Processing is cutting down on the amount of electronic evidence you have to show only the relevant information. We use various criteria to limit the collected data you have, including keyword searching and removing duplicates. We have reduced data collections by up to 96% using these techniques. 


What is review?


Reviewing means having an attorney look at each document to visually assess whether something is relevant to your case. Even the best collection and processing in the world can’t identify everything you don’t need - it is generally still necessary to have a person review what’s left. We can get the data ready for your reviewing platform or get you set up with one of our partner platforms so that the review is as simple as clicking check boxes.


So this has to be expensive, right?

No! While a true forensic examination can be expensive, we created Gathering Mist to provide a cost-effective alternative. Many of our services are provided on a predictable, flat-fee basis. You don't have to shoulder the cost of purchasing multiple programs to use because we have them for you. We have access to all the technology that you need and nothing that you don’t.

How much will it cost?

We always provide no-obligation price quotes for our services, many of which are on a flat-fee basis so you know exactly what you will pay up front.


Where does the name “Gathering Mist” come from?

Trying to get your hands around digital information, particularly as technology evolves, feels a bit like trying to collect a cloud of mist. We help gather that digital mist and minimize the confusion and frustration that comes with holding onto it.

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